Alida Solutions team took part in a large-scale international project commissioned by the International Bar Association and facilitated the organization of the IBA Europe-Caucasus-Asia Forum 2018 held on 5-7 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

This year the Forum covered such relevant and burning topics, as cross-border projects in the ECA region, mineral resources development, capabilities of the new Astana International Financial Center, anti-corruption measures, paths to becoming an arbitrator and other pertinent issues. The conference featured numerous prominent speakers, namely Jeremy Grant, Irina Paliashvili, Anna Guillard Sazhko, Dr Bernhard F. Meyer, Professor Sundra Rajoo, Joel Benjamin, Prof Mark Bravin and more, with Kazakshtan’s former capital gathering over 100 leading lawyers from all over the world, from London to Moscow, Paris to Tbilisi, Washington D.C. to Kuala-Lumpur.

Within the framework of our Business event management practice our team performed a number of services, including creation of an online registration page for the conference, delegates’ data processing and collection of registration fees, financial management of the conference, as well as communication with contractors and guests during the event.

Working with documents and financials might seem a boring feat, however, we managed to arrange and sign all the financial documents, network with the delegates, explore local attractions, enjoy a wild bird show and even eat some delicious unique Almaty Aport apples.