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We are a Moscow-based business development boutique which develops practical and commercially effective solutions to our clients business needs. We are committed to promote international expansion and facilitate international relations between businesses in Russia and foreign countries.

We cultivate international relations between businesses across geographical boundaries by effectively resolving legal, administrative and language barriers.


We serve large corporations as well as small entrepreneurs, government entities, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

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2022 marks a first milestone for AS with the launch of ART LawFT.

Visual arts and architecture, music and computer games, fashion and design, publishing and journalism – all these creative industries enjoy different levels of intellectual property protection. This translates into different legal potential for development.

ART LawFT is designed to create a networking platform to foster a dialogue between creative industries and legal practitioners.

What is art? Where is a fine line between freedom of expression and privacy? How to regulate digital art and AI inventions? How to protect complex creative objects created in collaboration? The dynamics of art market produce challenging questions with no definite answers to date.

ART LawFT is an Intellectual Workshop which regularly monitors latest art law news and art market trends, helping our network navigate through an array of exhibitions, premieres and art events. We create a club environment for our guests to discuss hot topics of the art world.

For you. For inspiration. For creativity. For business.

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